We've Got Everything, Man

Ball peens and canteens.
Socket sets and fishing nets.
Overalls for overhauls.
Wire, rope and surgical tubing.
Guns for caulking, guns for lubing.

Ratchets and hatchets.
Belts and ball caps.
Plastic sheets and canvas straps.
A mixing bowl, a metric bolt.
Aisles and aisles.
The senses jolt.


You never know what you'll find on the shelves at The Yard Store, but you'll always find a good deal. Since 1946, we've been selling overstock tools, pots, pans and other items, work clothes and a whole lot more anything and everything that we can sell to you for less.

Visit the Yard Store on East Central in Wichita and discover so many good deals that you'll need duct tape and bungee cords — we got them by the yard, of course — to strap them down and haul them home.

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